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The earth has an electromagnetic field, humans have one, all living beings have one . . . From the largest mass to the tiniest subatomic particle, magnetic fields vibrate everywhere! Magnetic fields are made of energy that vibrate at a certain frequency: systems; organs; circuitry; thoughts; actions; intentions; feelings; perceptions . . . everything. All are energy in motion, or e-motion. With such a dynamic force within ourselves, it is no wonder we have the ability to self-regulate and heal. And our bodies let us know when we are not doing so.

Energy fields vibrate at different frequencies. For example, Dr. Valerie Hunt proved through decades of research studies that a human biofield (i.e. aura) exists. More recently, Dr. Shamnin Jaini Founding Director of Consciousness and HealingInitiative has published research on biofield science and healing. She demonstrated in one of her talks how energy feels. She requested the audience to stand up with feet firmly on the ground and rub their hands together. Then while holding their hands up, to slowly separate them and to observe what they feel. Energy! It’s all energy.

Technology such as the SQUID magnetometer detects magnetic fields produced from the body (Nelson, 2019). These magnetic vibrations produced on a biochemical and physiological level are referred to as biomagnetic fields (Nelson, 2019). Energy healing works with these fields to bring the body and mind back to an integrative, coherent state working towards homeostatic balance. And science tells us that it works. This is why over fifty major hospitals and clinics use some form of energy healing (DiNucci, 2005). The growing field of complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) such as energy healing continues to gain credibility through evidence-based studies and technology.

Many well-renowned research institutes conduct studies and promote education about the importance of electro and biomagnetic fields. For example, the mission of the Heartmath Institute is to produce physical and mental balance by connecting with heart intelligence and intuitive guidance, using information from magnetocardiograms and magnetoencephalography of the heart’s magnetic field, and also biofeedback of Heart Rate Variability (HRV). The Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology study bioenergetic patterns and mind-body energy systems to treat physical and emotional imbalances. The Institute for Frontier Science reports groundbreaking research regarding a paradigm shift and increase in the efficacy of energy healing through rigorous studies of the human biofield. Bioenergetic medicine is an emerging field. Thus, the paradigm shift in Western medicine is here.

As an Emotion and Body Code practitioner the goal is to find trapped energies from unprocessed emotions in a four-step process: Discover trapped emotions and imbalances using kinesiology, through muscle testing; Expose or bring them to awareness; Release them using traditional Chinese medicine methods from acupuncture and magnetic healing; and Allow the body to process and heal to achieve a homeostatic balance.


The body knows. Biofeedback reveals internal processes thus, by simply asking our body a “yes” or “no” question, the muscles will weaken if it is a “no” response and stay strong with a “yes” one. There are many ways to do muscle testing and self-testing to accommodate individual needs.


In magnetic therapy, using certain magnets has been shown to change pain signals going up the nerves in the spinal cord to your brain (Mayo Clinic, 2019). In hospitals, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is used to treat depression (Mayo Clinic, 2019). Magnetic healing helps to regulate and balance cells. Magnetic fields effect how nerves fire. Magnetic healing can quiet or slow them down and even increase circulation to that area.


In the Emotion Code, magnets or simply your fingertips (we are magnetic, too) are used to glide over the governing meridian to magnify intention for healing, to balance energies in the body and mind. The governing meridian in acupuncture reaches all the meridians as it sends energy flow through the main meridians of the spinal cord.

We are all energy. Think of the placebo effect. This proves that we have the capacity and power to heal ourselves and support others in their healing process. It is also a gateway to integrating conventional and complementary alternative medicines. Leaders in the field report with great enthusiasm: The future is in energy medicine.


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