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Professionals providing personalized and holistic comprehensive treatment.

HAWK & hummingbird Holistic Healing is home to a community of like-minded practitioners and clinicians who honor the mind-body connection and value a multidisciplinary approach to wellness.

Individual Therapy

At HAWK & hummingbird, experienced therapists work with the knowledge that the healing process begins within.

Group Therapy

When the energy, experience, and care of a group meet with strong facilitation, new insights, possibilities for reflection, opportunities for growth emerge.

Eating Disorders

By releasing both deep-seated beliefs and external patterns of disordered eating, space is made to establish new, healthier forms of nourishment.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy can help each person in the relationship see their own patterns of how they relate to themselves and others, bringing in essential support to repair moments of disconnection.

Family Therapy

More than reducing conflict in the family, family therapy opens avenues for communication and creates opportunities for new positive, supportive experiences of connection.

Massage Therapy

Get treatment from a Licensed Massage Therapist who is guided by HAWK & hummingbird principles that the body knows how to heal itself through the mind-body connection.

Parent Workshops

Holding space for parents to connect with themselves and their families, opening new possibilities for emotional growth and expression at home.


Reiki energy flows from a practitioner to both your body and field within a soothing and meditative healing session.

Intergenerational Intensives

Multiple generations are facilitated in repatterning their relationships to one another, self, and the world around them.

Educational Coaching

Learning how to effectively manage their daily tasks can greatly improve their self awareness, resilience, self-esteem and overall well being.

Embodied Movement

This class is an opportunity to practice with the art of embodied presence with self and others.


BPR is a focused and practical program, combining personalized coaching or mentoring with scientifically validated tools.

Sound Bath Healing

Bathe the waters of your body in deeply soothing and nervous system revitalizing sound vibrations.

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Craniosacral sessions are highly individual and clients generally find these sessions deeply relaxing.

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