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Eating Disorders

Our Eating Disorder Experts

Eating disorders are often mischaracterized and oversimplified as diseases of excessive superficiality or loss of control. In truth, they are more accurately described as conditions of disconnect from one’s emotional and spiritual worlds. The traumatic nature of many institutions’ approach to eating disorders can exacerbate this underlying disconnect, placing individuals in cycles of in and out patient treatment. A more sustainable shift is found by incorporating counseling that facilitates connection to one’s emotions, experiences, and purpose. By attuning to self, our clients learn to nourish their emotional and spiritual needs rather than snuff them with harmful behavioral cycles.

With one’s deep emotional and spiritual bodies nourished through intensive and holistic counseling, unhealthful patterns and beliefs can be released to open individuals to nourishing their physical body in ways that support deep, rooted self love and compassion. By cultivating emotional sensitivity and resilience, clients are able to reclaim their lives.

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker & Founder

Specializing in Eating Disorders, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Compulsive Behavior, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Self-harm, Life transitions, Family Therapy

Masters of Art in Holistic Counseling, Certificate in Advanced Graduate Study in the Expressive and Creative Arts.

Social Work Intern

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