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Individual Therapy

Our Individual Therapy Experts

At HAWK & hummingbird, behaviors and thoughts that are no longer serving you are understood as manifestations of deeper imbalances, belief systems, and traumas. Instead of solely identifying and managing these patterns, we also support clients in contacting the emotions that drive them. We trust the body and mind’s wisdom. Through in-depth, wholly supported self-study, clients can rewire while simultaneously deepening their relationship to themselves. Our holistic approach is excellently suited to both those who are new to therapy or who feel stuck after trying other conventional forms of therapy. If you are surviving life day-to-day, we invite you to bring your curiosity, vulnerability, and open mind to our space. We want you to live into each moment and truly thrive.

Therapy Types:


Hakomi is an experimental, somatically-rooted form of therapy that facilitates the illumination, study, and reassessment of our core material. Our core material is composed of the memories, beliefs, and experiences that shape our everyday self-expression. While some of this material enriches us, other pieces of core material may inhibit our fullest ownership of ourselves and ability to connect to our own emotions and therefore to others. By employing mindfulness and experiments that provide new felt-experiences of relating to self and others, Hakomi enables clients to rewire so that they can live in ease and growth.


EFT is an evidence based model, proven to be one of the most effective approaches for couples therapy with unmatched success rates. Safe, healthy, and connected relationships are one of the most healing things we can have in our lives. Strong relationships are integral to our restoration and growth. Knowing this, Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) provides a framework that helps couples understand their relationships through the lens of attachment. Emotions are the language of love, and scientific research shows that human beings are wired for emotional dependency. We need to know that, when we reach for our partner, they will be accessible, responsive, and engaged.

EFT focuses on helping couples identify and clearly express their emotional signals to one another to foster deep, mutually supportive connection. EFT’s framework enables partners to step out of patterns and belief systems that they had felt stuck in their interactions with one another. Simultaneously, each partner is encouraged to strengthen their ability to connect to their own individual emotion experience. This combination catalyzes enduring, powerful transformations within the relationship as well as profound individual healing.

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker & Founder

Specializing in Eating Disorders, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Compulsive Behavior, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Self-harm, Life transitions, Family Therapy

Masters of Art in Holistic Counseling, Certificate in Advanced Graduate Study in the Expressive and Creative Arts.

Social Work Intern

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