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Family Therapy

Our Family Therapy Experts

At HAWK & hummingbird Holistic Healing, we tend to the family as a system. Instead of solely focusing on identifying problems to “fix”, our experienced clinicians draw upon individual and family strengths to free and harmonize the system’s dynamics. Family therapy can be a powerful resource in not only reducing conflict in the family, but in opening avenues for communication and creating opportunities for new positive, supportive experiences of connection. This work is a chance for the family to slow down, observe unhelpful patterns of behavior and communication, and shift into a more mindful, heart-lead way of relating to, growing with, and tending to one another.

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker & Founder

Specializing in Eating Disorders, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Compulsive Behavior, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Self-harm, Life transitions, Family Therapy

Licensed Marriage And Family Therapist

Specializing in couples therapy, group therapy and family therapy.

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